Saturday, April 24, 2010

two things i love.

I love to listen to my boy make music.
I love to sip from a warm cup while I do so.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

expanding horizons.

Nick has one of the best smiles I've ever is genuine and it is constant. It was difficult to even get a serious shot of him...that smile just can't stay away for long. Of course, this makes those around him smile...not a bad thing!
He says he doesn't remember much about fifth grade. I remember him. He was a math whiz, respectful, a leader, and a natural athlete. I remember talking to his class in preparation for an upcoming trip to camp in Wisconsin. Several students had questions and concerns, but Nick's only comment to his class was, "Guys, we're just going to have to expand our horizons!" Indeed.
His next "horizon" is University of Illinois. I'm confident he'll soar.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

her boy and my dog

My friend Carrie and I went for a walk yesterday. She brought along her little boy Ryan, and I brought along my little dog Murphy. After our walk, we wanted to get a picture of the two of them together. Neither boy nor canine were really interested in that idea. Ryan only wanted to play with our landscaping rocks, and the dog only wanted to get a good sniff of the boy and go about his doggy life. Ryan's daddy is a fabulous photog, and I'm sure they don't need any more pictures of this busy little man, but since the camera was out....what was I to do?

Monday, April 12, 2010

by golly miss molly.

What a beautiful spring evening and a pretty young woman! I met Molly and her mom Mary in downtown Bloomington for her senior session. They are Bloomington natives and Mary recalled memories as we wandered the streets taking Molly's pictures. In our wanderings we saw the perfect chair in a vintage storefront. I simply had to have it. We had fun carrying it across Vernon Ave. to our second location on Constitution Trail. The flowers were in bloom, the chair added a touch of whimsy, and Molly's expressive face and gentle spirit show up in her images. Here's a sneak peek.

march madness.

Elly: mindful of her brackets.

happy birthday tasha!

Tasha is full of love and life...her smile lights up any room and her voice blesses any heart. I was excited to do a quick shoot with her and her daughter Jasmine and design invitations to her birthday party. We're planning another session in late summer or fall. I can't wait!

a letter to the gaff girls.

Dear Hannah and Laurel,
Thank you for letting me play with you at your house. You have fun toys and share really well. I am happy that Laurel is learning to walk and that Hannah is such a good big sister. The supper that your mommy and daddy fixed for John and me was very tasty too. They are pretty awesome parents. I would keep them if I were you.
I hope you like your pictures. I think you are both adorable! Let's do it again sometime.

four generations.

The holidays bring families together. Kaitlyn and Makayla have both been students of mine, and their little cousins were visiting Grandma's house for Christmas. These little boys were so cute and wiggly...I loved it! The girls and I ducked outside for a few quick shots on this snowy day...they have the most beautiful eyes that just popped in the winter wonderland.
I was honored to capture some images of thsese four generations celebrating together.

anna hope.

There is nothing quite like becoming parents for the first time...the indescrible miracle of new life, the petal soft skin, the little yawns and squeaks, ten little fingers and ten little toes, the sleepless nights...
Nate and Leigh Ann welcomed Anna Hope on November 3, 2009. She is surrounded by a wonderful extended family and more love than can be imagined. Oh...and she is absolutely gorgeous!!

getting kicks on route sixty-six.

Max picked the location for his senior session. Bloomington/Normal runs along historic Route 66, and that's where we began.
I have known Max's family for many years, but had never spent a lot of time with him. He is a RIOT! He has a charm and an easy smile...along with a slightly goofy side! Crawling out of windows, going for the "jump shot," he was up for it all!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

how do i choose?

Oh my goodness...those Mosleys are photogenic! This is a strong, wonderful family who are active in serving the LORD and each other. Yashica teaches first grade at CCA. Michael is in my class this year. Bria was in my class three years ago and my guess is, Brooklyn will be sitting in my room next year. Roosevelt brings them all lunch every Friday. I keep waiting for him to deliver my meal, but I guess he has his hands full!
There was some skeptism about the whole bare feet idea on the part of dad, but he humored Yashica and me. I'm glad. I love all their bare feet....and big smiles. Beautiful day. Beautiful family.

walk in the park.

The colors were gorgeous this October weekend. I took a walk with the Ashenfelters and soaked in the beauty of the day. This is such a special family. John and Liane are faithful servants and leaders. Elise and Zach are great kids. Tucker the dog is absolutely adorable, but when he got "difficult" I had to fire him as a model. I'll consider giving him another chance...someday. The rest of the family? Any day.


He's smart, handsome, and can play ball! I think he was taller than me at the beginning of fifth grade. (I spent most of my time on my step ladder for this session!).
It was so much fun catching up with Nathan and his mom Laurie while we took his senior pictures. I've also had fun seeing action shots of him on the front of the sports page several times this basketball season. Wherever his future leads, it will be bright.

gorgeous fall day + falling leaves = family fun

October 2009
John and I headed out to Funks Grove to take family pictures for the Thompsons. I didn't tell Alani at the time, but this was the first full family shoot I've done...and I loved it! I had never met Mark and Alani's kids before, but we became good friends very quickly! They were absolutely...delightful. That's the word...delightful. The weather was perfect, leaves were everywhere, and they obviously enjoy being together. We got tons and tons of great are a few.

pretty in pink.

Three months old and pretty in pink! I love her little tongue! Kelsey's mommy and daddy came to my house for her pictures, and we actually took some of them in my bedroom, of all places. I have this chest of drawers by my window that I wanted to set her on. Robbie and Candice were good sports...and they have a precious little babe.

beautiful baby blues.

Paige was in my fifth grade history class a few years back. She's grown into a beautiful young woman. But one thing that has not changed is her amazing blue eyes!
Natalie was home on fall break and assisted me on this shoot. It was a lot of "girl fun" and good to catch up with Paige.


easy smile
generous heart
runs like the wind
seeks after God
friend to all
crazy and fun
hard working
pounds on the drums
warrior in prayer
missionary vision
...that's "Sean-ness."

elly's growing!

Here's a collection of little Miss Elly in the fall of 2009. She is as sweet as she looks!

kylie and her mom.

I love chatting with my stylist Lyndi. She's been doing my hair for several years now and while she was doing what she does so well (making me look my best) she asked, "So Sue, are you taking pictures for people?"
I wasn't really sure how to answer her. I mean, I've always taken pictures for people. I fumbled around for an answer and somehow ended up meeting her and her sweet soon-to-be first grader at McGraw Park last July.
We promised Kylie a romp in the fountain at the end of the shoot. She looked skeptical, but it didn't take long for the idea to grow on her. We all had a riot...and all got soaked.

elizabeth grace: precious gift.

As I post these images, I'm reminded of the miracle, not just of birth, but of the growth that happens in the first year of a baby's life. Today, Elly is a happy nine-month-old who has recently welcomed two little cousins into her family.
I love her mommy and daddy. I have known Andy most of his life and stand in awe of how God uses him to further His kingdom. Abby and I were teaching partners for three wonderful years, daily "spurring one another on," as we tried to teach and love our students well.
Elly is a blessing...and will be raised to be a blessing to others. I'm so thankful to count her whole family as some of my dearest friends.

and then there was emily.

I actually can't find the file with all of Emily's senior session on them, but found these still on my computer. I had a great time with Emily and her mom last spring as she was preparing to graduate at the top of her class and head off to Wheaton College. She defines "bright and beautiful."


I'm going to begin by going in reverse and posting some images from past sessions so this blog doesn't look so lonely. Enjoy!
This is where we start...with Kyrie! I've watched Kyrie grow up, used to carppol her to her junior high classes at Cornerstone, and was even her cheerleading coach! It has been a joy to watch her grow up, graduate, find her "prince charming," and become Mrs. Drew Moses. Here's a peek at her senior session (2008) and a quick engagement session (2009). I was not the photog for their wedding (yikes...not sure I'm ready for that!), but did have my Canon on hand to catch a couple of shots!