Sunday, May 30, 2010

new beginnings.

This has been a weekend of celebrating. I've attended graduation open houses for several high school seniors. Some I've known their whole lives, some for a much shorter time. Some were once my students (and rascally, at that). Others were neighbors, church friends, peers of my son's. While they rightfully feel a sense of relief and exhiliration, our school administrator likened this stage in their lives to the end of the first lap in a marathon. They are running the race well and have reached an important benchmark, but have a journey ahead of them. Congratulations class of 2010. Keep running the race marked out for you.

In the midst of celebrating graduations, I met with Lyndi and Tom to take their engagement pictures. Lyndi's daughter Kylie joined in the fun, and I think we captured some great images! I'm so happy for Lyndi and Tom as they begin their new life together in a few short weeks. It was hard to choose which pictures to post. I may have to include others later, but for's a peek!

peek a boo. i see you.


Friday, May 28, 2010

school's out for summer.

Today was the last day of school at CCA.
It's always bittersweet...
sharing memories,
reflecting on lessons learned in class and in life,
hugs and high fives,
a few tears and cries of "see you in the fall."
I will be posting pictures of my students on our class website later.
But for of this year's fifth graders...

Brooklyn is the third of five kids.
I've taught both her older brothers.
Today her little sisters came to visit me.
Malea seemed especially interested in all things fifth grade.
Laynie seemed especially interested in chocolate.
I was especially interested in them.
It will be a few years before, God willing, they are in my class.
Meanwhile, my camera was sitting on my desk just begging to capture their cuteness.
So I gave in.
As usual, the camera knew best.

Monday, May 24, 2010

floral reminders.

I can almost set my calendar by the flowers in my yard.
I really don't have a green thumb,
but I can count on a few pops of beauty every year.
Spring's arrival is announced by purple tulips
on the west side of my house
and blooms on the bush by my front porch.
They get me all excited (along with the first robin-sighting),
because they hold the promise of renewal and new life.
I usually smell my lilacs before I realize they have bloomed.
My parents had lilacs lining the back of their postage stamp yard.
I used to fill vases and put them all over the house.
I still do.
I set out pots of geraniums around Mothers' Day.
I love them because they survive my lack of attention and summer's sun.
The peonies? Well, they tell me school is almost done,
and summer is around the corner.

I took pictures of my peonies this weekend.

School is almost done.

Summer is around the corner.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mothers' day.

elizabeth grace Elly is ten months olds and celebrating her first Mothers' Day. It was too cold to stay outside for long, but we caught a few shots of her playing on Grandma Toni's deck. Her latest tricks include coughing on command, waving bye-bye, and eating purple flowers. her little face!


and we're all done.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

well done.

My intention this morning was to post a few pictures of Little Miss Elly on her first Mothers Day, but I'm taking a slight detour to tell my friend Cindy, "Well done." Look at those lovely young ladies, my friend. They are amazing. While our minds can flash back to all sorts of twists and turns in the parenting journey, your kids face adulthood with "good stuff" in them because you put it there...and God's grace covered the rest. Enjoy these days of Pomp and Circumstance and wedding have much to celebrate!
Well done. Pass the champagne.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

june cleaver is alive and well.

 These girls love to play dress up. Every party they throw comes with a theme. For Laura's bridal shower, they turned back the calendar to the 1950's and welcomed their guests into what seemed to be June Cleaver's kitchen....high heels, full skirts, frilly aprons, perfect hair and glowing makeup....oh, and impeccable manners.
The bride and her maids. They are beauties. And they are goofy.

Mother daughter moment: Pam and Joy
Laura, Torey, Joy, and Emily: Ring fingers taken, pinkies joined forever.