Sunday, November 18, 2012

little, but fierce.

 Though she be but little, she is fierce!
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream
It has been a privilege to be a part of Stella's first year of life.
She came early, weighing two pounds, twelve ounces at birth.
But...she is FIERCE!
I love her strong spirit, her ear to ear grin, and the way she lights up when her daddy is in the room.
Big sister Kylie is amazing...and sooo pretty!
She never takes a bad picture.
I promise.

 Happy Birthday, Stella Girl...
Hope you had a great party!!

smith family.

 Weather Alert: 
Rain.  Cold.
Oh well.
It really didn't matter.
The Smith Family wore bright colors and big smiles.
Just goes to show, you don't need perfect weather
to get beautiful family pictures.
We always enjoy taking pics of Scott, Kate, Shane, and baby Sam.
One of the joys of photographing little ones,
is watching them grow.
Shane and Sam just keep getting cuter and cuter!

Thanks for braving the elements and allowing us to capture these sweet images!


Norris Family:  Daniel, Karen, Drew, and Aaron.
"Lord, thank you that the Chambers were able to take our pictures today,
and thank you that we've been friends...well.. forever,"
Drew prayed as we prepared to eat some pizza after their photo session.
He explained, "Well, we have been friends for MY forever."
He's right.
I think I was the first visitor at the hospital the day he was born!
Needless to say,
(but I will say it anyhow)
These are some of my favorite people.
So I shout a big "Amen" to  Drew's prayer,
"Thank you that we have been friends forever."

My friend Karen makes me laugh like few can!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

stormin' the castle.

 Fabulous Frerichs Five at Ewing Castle.
I pitched the original idea for this picture:
"O.K., let's do this.
Let's have everyone line up right here.
Troy. Carson. Kelli. Hayden.
Sophie?  Sophie?
Sophie...right here.  Good girl. 
Now, everyone hold hands...
(dad chase toddler)
"So, does she like to hang upsidedown?"
Picture Perfect.
I have been giggling continually as I edit the Frerichs' pictures.
We really did have fun stormin' the castle.
This session was the epitome of what I love about photography.
Chasing.  Laughing. Playing.  Singing. Chatting.
Going with the flow.
Capturing authentic moments that remind us all of God's precious gift of family.

 Troy and Kelli celebrated their ten year anniversary this year.
They look like they're still dating!
 S M O O C H !
Oh, how I love this family!
Probably a day will come when all three of these kiddos will sit still for the camera.
I'll be a little sad, remembering the time we stormed the castle.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

smooches and snaps.

 I love this picture of the Gaff family smoochin' each other.
We've taken pictures for Isaac and Krista several times,
but this fall captured Isaac's whole family.
At the end of the session, I knew John and I had taken a lot of pictures..
(I mean, look at all this cuteness)
so I offered a print of choice
to the family member who could guess closest to the number of pictures we snapped.
Drumroll please....
We took 522 pictures.
That is above average, by the way.
Krista guessed 521.  Seriously.
Three year old Laurel had the correct answer of 522, but then changed it to 123.
She shouldn't overthink things so much!
Anyhow, we've narrowed down the 522 to a more workable number.
Here are some favorites...

Gaff Family