Tuesday, July 27, 2010

baby fallon.

I am a "baby person." I love love love to snuggle their freshness and watch their little faces. I admit, that when I get to photograph a "teeny-tiny," my heart skips a beat.
I met Katie and Clint last night with their one-month-old baby Fallon. This little angel never made a peep and slept through her entire session. I only heard one little cry when Daddy was loading her into the stroller to head home! Her mommy supplied an entire wardrobe of headbands, which were soooo cute! But the real cuteness came from Fallon herself! Here's a sneak peek...

picture perfect.

Monday, July 26, 2010

day at the farm.

My dear friend Karen has lost both of her parents in the past couple of years. She has been making weekly trips to help her siblings sort through a lifetime of their belongings at the family farm. Labeled in her mom's perfect penmanship, boxes everywhere are filled with Wooters treasures and trinkets, documenting a life and marriage well lived. I knew Wayne and Evelyn. Not well...but you didn't have to know them well to know they were the best kind of folks...hardworking and hospitable, supportive and self-sacrificing, humble and loyal. The memories stored in the boxes are merely reminders of a legacy of faithfulness they leave behind.

Their upstairs hallway is adorned with family photographs...images of Karen, her brother Neal, and sister Brenda. Recently Karen called me and began, "I just realized Mom had eighth grade pictures taken of us. I need an eighth grade picture of Drew. Would you take it?" Her son Drew begins high school in a few short weeks, so we had to get this done quickly to make it an official eighth grade portrait!

Somehow, I don't remember exactly how, the idea surfaced to take Drew's pictures at the farm. Then the idea grew...since we'd already be there, why not take some shots of the farm itself? So we did! Karen led me around, sharing stories and pointing out the ordinary pieces of her childhood that have shaped her into an extraordinary woman (she would never say that, but it's true!). Mailboxes and swingsets, fences and water pumps, haystacks and rain gauges all collected by my camera so this family will always remember and treasure the simplicity and richness of their upbringing.
Needless to say, it was a splendid day. I feel like we just scratched the surface, so we're going back this fall. But for now, here's a sampling of our day at the farm...

Wayne's hats (some of them, at least)

Drew and Aaron

 I love the wrenches. They look like chimes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

lessons learned from little ones.

Lessons I've learned from photographing little ones:

Chasing bubbles is fun.
Just saying the word "bubbles" is fun.
Each moment is precious.
Lollipops are sticky.
Sticky fingers and faces can be washed.
Joy should not be contained.
Sometimes, kids who are a year and a half old should be.
Portrait perfect shots are awesome, but imperfect candids are sometimes better.
Giggling is a good thing.
So are mommies.
Orange is a lovely color.
Five year olds follow directions better than two year olds.
Two year olds are hilarious.
When it's hot, we all sweat.
When you get hurt, cry for minute, get a kiss, then move on.
Naps and full tummies make everyone happy.

God's handiwork unfolds right before my eyes every time.
He has so carefully and lovingly put together each one exactly the way He wants.
That's why it feels like such an honor to capture images of these little ones.

Hannah and Laurel do not disappoint....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

next door.

It's wedding week next door. Their yard looks spectacular, the girls are all home, family has arrived from all over the country, and the weather is being quite agreeable. I wandered over to Jay and Cindy's this week to capture some family pictures as they gathered in anticipation of this weekend's wedding. They are wonderful neighbors, and it was fun to meet their extended family. Blessings to you, Elisabeth and Christian as you begin married life!

Cummins cousins were having trouble with Liz trading in the Cummins name...
but quickly got over it!

And now, for some really cute kids...

Congratulations, neighbors!