Sunday, July 22, 2012

for nana.

 The Lovejoy girls arranged for family pictures as a Mother's Day present for their mom.
Everyone was in town for Elly's third birthday celebration,
so we braved the heat and had fun spending time with this great family.
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.
Inside and out.

 Cousins...all two and under (for one more day).
 Never a shortage of little ones to hold!

 This picture of Silas is why I'm glad John goes along with me on shoots.
Great capture, John Chambers!!
Happy Mother's Day, Nana.
You are blessed!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

happy trail.

I love this picture.
It pretty much sums up our session with the Van Allens on Constitution Trail.

We did manage to get Max, Jude and Jorie facing the right direction...
and caught some sweet expressions.

Juice break while Mommy and Daddy get their picture taken...

All done.
Happy trails to you until we meet again....

Friday, July 6, 2012

heat wave.

Bridget Caldwell was my son's first grade teacher many years ago.
My kids both took a field trip to her family's farm.
We were all set to head out there for their photo session.
until a suffocating heat wave settled upon us.
Our window of opportunity to catch some family pics was pretty small,
so we moved the family inside.

These images remind me, though,
it's the people, not the location, that make family pictures treasures.
(I still hope we can go to the farm someday!!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

shameless plug.

My son has fallen for an artist.
Not surprising, as he has his own artistic bent.
Katlyn has an eye for beauty
and has been gifted to share it.
She has been known to sketch portraits from some of my images,
so I thought I'd share a recent oil painting she did of Miss Stella.
I may be biased...
pretty sure though,
even if I didn't love Katlyn,
I'd love her work.
I have this painting in my family room.
She painted it with coffee
and a memory of a little boy she met in Romania.

Here's my shameless plug.
Check out Katlyn's blog at
She would love to draw or paint for you.
If you're interested in having any of your photographs
made into artwork you will cherish forever,
I can put you in touch. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

princess caroline.

 Once upon a time
there was a beautiful little elfin child
named Caroline.
She was as lovely as the morning sun
and sweet as summer strawberries.
It is remembered that when she was two and a half
(a mere six months ago)
she didn't want any
photography taking place in her presence.
However, arriving at the magical age of three
has somehow tranformed the shy lass
into Princess Caroline
full of smiles and expressions....

 I wasn't kidding....
she really did become Princess Caroline...

May you live happily ever after, beautiful Princess Caroline.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

nana k's birthday.

 Someone was having a birthday of those milestone birthdays.
I won't reveal which milestone,
but it was fun to meet at Nana K's home before the gurests arrived to take some family pictures. 

 We love taking pictures for Matt and Kate and their kids,
but it was fun to meet the rest of Kate's family...

 And....let the party begin!
Happy Birthday, Nana K!