Thursday, October 31, 2013

project 365 {october}

October 1: Her Bronzed Baby Shoes
{Happy 79th Birthday, Mom!}
October 2:  I Love October
October 3:  Detail in Design
October 4:  Building DNA
 October 5:  Second Shooter
{I might just hire him.  Really.}
October 6:  Date Night, Ya'll
{Sunday Cell Phone Dump}
 October 7:  Homecoming Week, Day One
{It's gonna be a loooong week}
October 8:  Just Sayin'
October 9:  Student in Sombrero
 October 10:  Precious Gift
 October 11: Cyclone Spirit
 October 12:  Location, Location, Location
{I plan on living in that white house on the hill one day}
Door County, WI
October 13:  Oh Hi
October 14:  Meow
October 15:  I Miss the Artist
 October 16:  Twinkle Twinkle
 I hung Christmas lights in my classroom today for a lesson. 
 I'm leaving them up.
Don't judge me. 
 October 17:  Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands
{Hubby's nightly snack}
October 18:  Fall Colors and One Pink Rose
{Constitution Trail}
October 19:  Five Acre Wood
October 20:  Ecclesiastes Three
October 21:  First Haircut
 October 22:  Yum
October 23:  World War One Relics
{I love it when students bring things from home that bring history to life.}
October 24:  Exercise in Trust
 October 25: My Tree
{OK, so it's my neighbor's tree, but I have a perfect view from my dining room window}
 October 26:  No Title Needed
 October 27:  Corn Maze
{Rader's Farm}
October 28:  Hubs Making Cookies
October 29:  Aerial View
October 30:  Birthday in the Empty Nest
Not much cake needed for John C. and me.
{Happy Birthday, Babe!}
October 31:  Headlight Glass in Dirty Trash Can
Funny thing happened on my way home from work.
I'm okay.
That's the important thing.
{Happy Halloween}


Monday, October 28, 2013

my girl and her boy.

 Natalie and Garrett were in town this past weekend.
So I stalked them.
That's what moms with big cameras do.
At least this one does.
They didn't seem to mind.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

return to five acre wood.

There's always a welcome team out at Five Acre Wood.
The deer greet us at the entrance to the drive.
The kiddos greet us at the door.
And it seems every time we go to the Petersens
we're greeted by chilly temps.
So we started inside...
...where John was warmly greeted by Tahoe!
Before too long,
we headed out onto the Petersen's amazing property
to romp and play.
 No explanation needed....

It turned out to be a beautiful day at Five Acre Wood. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

baby e.

Precious Eliah. 
She is breathtaking.
Every little detail,
 just as God designed.
 Loved beyond measure.

Sweet dreams, Little One.