Saturday, June 26, 2010

happy birthday elly!

Family, friends, food...and photos! Elly celebrated her first birthday with all this and more! She woke up from a good long nap and was ready to par-tay! But first...some very quick family shots.
Andy, Abby and the birthday girl

Elly's latest trick is to "dance." Eveyone in the family is doing it!
Well, maybe not Eli....yet.

Grandpa and Grandma Lovejoy visiting from Dallas to see Elly and Eli.

Aunt Rachel loves "her babies."

Flint, Sarah, and Eli

Eli is so laid back.
And so cute.

And now, for the birthday girl's cake. . .
(a small percentage of the pictures taken during this part of the celebration)

And then time for a rinse. . .

Sheer delight.
Uncle Ryan lovin' Little Ellly,
who is making an adorable little fish face after playing in the water.

Grandpa and Grandma Huette and a sweet little ballerina.

A photo with the photographer.
I love you, Elizabeth Grace.
Happy Birthday!

Friday, June 25, 2010

elly turns one and introduces eli.

Elly is getting ready to turn one. It has been so much fun to watch her little personality grow. She is soooo smart...and those blue eyes could not be any brighter. Tomorrow she is having party to celebrate. I'll be look for more pictures of the Lovejoy/Huette fam and friends. Special note to Amy, Joe, and Baby Brooklyn: We miss you and love you!

The birthday girl brought along her baby cousin Eli, who was an excellent little model, as you will see. He has those Lovejoy baby blues that just about melt my heart! Miss Elly is sportin' her birthday tutu and fine jewelry! So stinkin' cute! Enjoy!

Cool shoes and wise little face!

Sarah and Baby Eli...yummmm!

Elly was a little, um, territorial with the chair. I don't think she really wanted it,
but she didn't want Eli to have it either.

Yes, you're a cutie pie!

Birthday Bloomers.

Dance, dance!

Love them sooo much!

Elly, making it clear she is done with this photo session! Little sweet bug.

Meanwhile, cousin Eli is just hanging out (where there's air conditioning)...
wide eyed and adorable!
Stay tuned for the Birthday Bash!

Friday, June 18, 2010

full circle.

When they were in kindergarten, my Natalie and her friend Laura were both flower girls in David and Susan Landess' wedding. Sixteen years later, David and Susan's four amazing children walked down the aisle in Laura's wedding. It seems we've come full circle.
Meet Madigan, Gavin, Ellory, and Dax. Aren't they beautiful?

laura and ryan. finally.

Disclaimer: I am not a wedding photographer! If you are reading this, and I have told you I am not photographing weddings, I was telling the truth. Laura and Ryan's photographer was Chicago's Amy Aiello. Her work is artistry at its best.
I did agree to photograph rehearsal and get a behind the scenes look at this beautiful couple's wedding day. This was a long aniticpated event...Laura has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. She even found the groom in ninth grade! After seven years of dating and an eighteen month engagement, everything about their day was perfect!'s a peek behind the scenes..