Monday, August 16, 2010


There aren't enough superlatives in the English language to adequately describe Wendy's talent. If you've ever heard her sing or play the cello, you know what I'm saying. She's going places, this one! I was so excited when she asked me to take her headshots...a new challenge for me...and so much fun!
Remember this stunning face...she's sure to be a star!

I know these aren't headshots, but I couldn't help myself.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

a little bit moore.

If I were asked to name people of influence in my son's life, Drew and Layne Moore would be on the short list. They have a wonderful partnership in marriage and ministry that has made a difference in Nick's life. I'm forever grateful.
They also have three children, currently three and under (although Luke will turn four in a few days). I recently headed over to take some pictures of their littlest babe, Miles, who delivered some of the sweetest three month old smiles I've ever seen. Meanwhile, I couldn't help but catch a few shots of Luke and 20-month old Nina buzzing around!
I can't wait for October when we're going to take a road trip to take some pictures with Layne's family. For's a peek into life at the Moore's...

Luke's first order of business was to have me take a picture of him and Nick...and Miles!


Happy happy boy... His eyes positively dance when he smiles!
So strong.

Playing with Daddy.

These kids have some beautiful chocolate eyes.

Three kids on a couch.

The end.

Monday, August 9, 2010

return of the kiwis.

Meet the Huettes. Their pictures are elsewhere on this blog and all over my facebook page.
We have been friends for a quarter of century (which sounds so much more impressive than 25 years).
I've watched their kids grow up.
One used to babysit for me.
One, along with his wife, used to be my colleague.
The last one is just ornery.
Kevin and Toni's daughter Amy and her husband Joe are church planters in New Zealand. They had their first baby this spring and are home to introduce their little kiwi to America. What a perfect time for some family pictures. Little Brooklyn is as adorable as her cousin Elly, and both have captured my heart. I'm holding back the pictures of the entire family for later, but here's a peek into what happens when all the Huettes are home...
Brooklyn Grace Flammer
I told you she was adorable.

Note to Abby: "I like your look."

Lotsa kissin' going on in this family!

And out came the tu-tu's...