Monday, September 30, 2013

project 365 {september}

September 1:  Coffee Break
September 2:  Fern Gets a Drink
September 3:  Sharp Angled Curved Tip
{What My Lipstick Says About Me}
Enthusiastic, energetic
Loves attention
Falls in love easily
Needs schedule, but dislikes one

September 4:  Creation Singing Glory
September 5:  All School Picnic
September 6:  Sheer Delight
September 7:  The Sun is Shining
{but raindrops are falling}
 September 8:  Grown Men in Tiny Chairs
{I don't even know why...but there they were}
September 9:  Ready for a New Season
September 10:  Today's Bling
 September 11:  Remember
I was sharpening pencils in my classroom when a student ran in and told me the news.. 
I will never forget.
 You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
September 12:  If Mirrors Could Talk
© Sarah Johnson
 September 13:  He Bites
{No, we can't keep him for a class pet.}
 September 14:  Normal Life
 September 15:  Trip Planning
September 16:  Illumination of Learning
 September 17:  'Snuff Said
{fall is in the air}
 September 18:  Leaving Church on Wednesday Night
September 19:  Parts of the Cell
{Pretty tasty too}
September 20:  Assembly Line
{It's a good week to be in fifth grade!}
 September 21:  Reflecting God's Glory
 September 22:  Psalm 150 in Action
 September 23:  Monarch
September 24:  Window View
September 25:  See You There
September 26:  Fields at Sunset
 September 27: Be Thou My Vision
 September 28:  Beauty in Death
September 29:  Fresh Market Sunday
{phone dump}
 September 30:  Brownie Hawkeye

Saturday, September 28, 2013

kelly {class of 2014}

We enjoyed getting to know Kelly and her mom
as we wandered around town for her senior session...
complete with confetti.

 Her eyes.  Oh my.
Like gemstones.
 We packed up and traveled to a nearby park
just as the sun was getting ready to go down.

 Love. Love. Love.

In every way.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

mosley family.

 This is the fifth fall we've taken pictures of the Mosleys.
They trusted us to take their pictures when we were first starting out,
and it's been fun to watch as kids grew taller,
braces came on and off,
and middle schoolers became high schoolers.
We love them!
I could share more of this year's beautiful images,
but I'm trying to protect their Christmas Card.
It's gonna be a good one this year!

Love this of Brooklyn and Bria.
Makes me smile.
Every time.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

noah {class of 2014}

 Noah was one of "my" fifth graders many years ago.
I hadn't seen him for a while...but had to give him a hug like old times!
We enjoyed hearing about his life and plans for the future.
And it wasn't too difficult to capture some awesome pics.
Have a great senior year, Noah.
It was great to see you!