Tuesday, October 26, 2010

wet pants, fear of nature, and temper tantrums, oh my.

Eli's Six Month Photo Shoot:
The wet pants were mine (occupational hazard...I sat on soggy ground).
The fear of nature was Eli's.  Good thing I brought a wagon and some blankets.  Every time I tried to sit him "in nature," he yelped.
The temper tantrums belonged to cute cousin Elly, who only wanted to unpack bags and play with balloons.  I won't post any pictures here, but let's just say, her parents will have some great images to show her future husband someday!  The tantrums were short lived and I "caught her bein' good!"
All things considered, I think we got some wonderful pictures.  You can't go wrong with Eli's amazing baby blues and the crazy women he brought along to make him smile.  Wow!
Awwww...my sweet, beautiful Elly.  Told you the temper was short-lived.
Little helper.
While I shot pictures of Eli, John captured this lovely "behind the scenes" image.
I know this is not in focus.  I don't care.  I love it so much.
In a last ditch effort to get Eli to bust out the big grins, his mommy and Auntie Rachel
started bustin' a move. 
The baby responded just the way we wanted him to!

Monday, October 25, 2010

what are you doin' new years eve?

Sam and Brittany are planning a great New Years Eve party. They will be celebrating the dawn of a new year and the beginning of their marriage.  I have watched these two grow up...and was so happy to capture some engagement pictures for them.  They say they don't usually take good pictures together, but I don't believe them.  These images prove otherwise.  I love the pictures.  I love them.

oh, what a beautiful morning.

We met Kevin, Erin, and sweet Caroline at the park early in the morning... I loved the morning light, falling leaves, and stillness of the hour (except for the nearby sassy geese!) .  This is one beautiful family and their love for each other is obvious.  Enjoy the sneak peek!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

moore kiddos.

Layne and Drew's kiddos are going to have precious memories of Grandpa and Grandma Brown's house. It is a kid's paradise and family haven. Layne sent me "farmer directions"  (turn at the road with the sign for the church, go over a couple of hills...) and John and I ventured out to take some shots with her folks and brother.  I'll post those soon, but wanted to share these images of their adorable kiddos.  They will absolutely make your heart melt...and almost make me miss the days when my own two were tiny....almost.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sweet babies, sugar mama, and the professor.

The year was 1999.
It was 3:00 in the afternoon.
I was in a meeting at Eastview Christian Church where I worked at the time.
My children were eleven and eight years old and needed their mama to pick them up from school.
I glanced at my watch, realized I was late, and announced, "I gotta run and get my sweet babies!"
Eyebrow arched and voice dripping with sarcasm, my then-co-worker Isaac Gaff needled,
"Yes, my sweet babies. Someday you will have some of your own,
and you will understand. But right now, I'm late."

It is now 2010, and Dr.Gaff understands.
He became a dad.
Although I've never heard him say it out loud, I'm pretty sure
five year old Hannah and not quite two year old Laurel
will always be his sweet babies.
Bet he even whispers it in their ears when he tucks them in at night.
The arched eybrow?
Parenthood hasn't changed that (see below).

It is also somewhat ironic to me that their mama has recently begun a cake decorating business
under the name "Sugar Mama."
Such a sweet family (pun intended).


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